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Registration for Young People's Services (Parent/Guardian)

This registration form is the first step for your child to attend our Young People's services, or to receive a piece of Mobility Equipment. Please enter your details into this page first. You will then be sent an email to confirm your email address.

Once you have confirmed your email address you will need to complete the Whizz-Kidz General application form before applying for our young people services and Mobility Equipment. We need this information to make sure we can offer your child the right equipment and support at our services.

Before applying please be aware that our Whizz-Kidz's services are available to young disabled people in the UK aged between 2 to 25 years, who have a disability and need a wheelchair for everyday activities and participation Please note our services are age dependant.

This form is for Parent/Guardian registration only. Please enter YOUR details below not those of a Young Person.

Please note: if you think your child is already registered with Whizz-Kidz then please call our team on 0800 151 3350 or email and we will create an account for you linked to your child's account.

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